Choosing a Reputable Host

Are you promoting your business through the net? Have you ever thought of the problems you might face if your clients try to visit your page to be greeted with a 404 site not found' error message? You can rest assured that the customer, particularly if he is a loyal client, might try attempting once again. If he faces that same error, he will not wait and visit another site that offers the same products and services that your site does. The problem escalates when it comes to new clients who have found your site through searching for specific keywords on the search engine. They are unlikely to come back to your site again. This means a massive loss of business as well as mistrust. It can have a cascading effect if the person concerned shares his problems and posts the details about your site on blogs and social networks.

Choosing a reputable host

You might have opted for an efm line or first mile line, a technology involving low cost leased line, which are far cheaper than traditional fibre leased lines. This allows you to cut down your costs of accessing the internet and updating your website. The efm line is ideal and cost effective for small businesses. Imagine the shock you will get when you try to update your site with the latest product, before your competitors can, only to find that you cannot access your site. This means loss of business and a lost opportunity of earning money. This is why you should always go for a established and reputable host that offers a minimum of 99.9 uptime. You should check several factors before opting for a web host.

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The speed of their backbone the faster the speed the quicker your website will render on the visitor's browser.

Mirrors This is extremely important if you are promoting your wares to international clients. This involves a cluster of servers spread across the globe, each one of them connected to each other via a cloud server. If one server goes down, the cloud server redirects the request from the client to a different server. It also ensures that people living in a different part of the world are connected to a server located close to them.

Uptime This is another critical factor. The internet hosting site should have a minimum of 99.9 uptime.

Professional support Always seek a host that provides support round the clock. This ensures that you can depend on them to solve your problem if one arises.

Backup The hosting company should provide you with automatic backup every 24 hours. This helps restore your site in case the server crashes.

SSL SSL or secure sockets layer is a technology, which encrypts data at the clients end and decrypts it only when it reaches the server. This ensures that hackers cannot capture vital information like the credit card details of your client.

By following the above mentioned points and selecting a webhost that offers them might cost a bit more, but it pays back in the long term by ensuring that your valuable clients can access your website seamlessly from any part of the world at any given point of time.