High Speed Broadband

The majority of businesses nowadays find it difficult to cope with their operational costs and maintaining profit for their company at the same time. Running an online store requires a high speed broadband connection. Apart from this, they also have to install costly telecommunication equipments. This is where EFM comes to their rescue. On the one hand you can opt for other types of internet connections such as ADSL, SDSL, broadband, or leased lines if you do not mind denting your bank balance. On the other hand, an efm line costs less without compromising on speed or quality. Let us look understand the basics of internet connections and fine out why efm line is the best option for small businesses.

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Other types of connections

You have to pay a hefty rental when you choose connections such as SDSL, ADSL, or broadband. The costs escalate when you go for leased lines (a dedicated line connecting you directly with the hub of your internet service provider). Apart from this, the setup costs for such connections are expensive too as the ISP has to set up a cable to connect the computers of your office to their local agent... most probably the company that provides you with cable TV connection provides the cable, ADSL, and SDSL connections. Add to this maintenance charges and the cost of equipment required for connecting your PC with the ISP's line. The efm line works using the copper lines of your phone. A major part of the overall expenses is deducted because the ISP does not have to lay cables.

Frequencies speeds and splitters

A splitter is used to separate the incoming signal into two. For the uninitiated, the telephone signals operate on a frequency different to that used by the ISP for providing internet connection. The line of your telephone service provider is connected to the end of the splitter containing a single port. The other side contains two ports one for supplying signals to your phone and the other for the broadband connection. You might be thinking that using a single copper wire for two different services might either deteriorate the quality of the voice call or result in slow speed internet connection. You will be surprised to hear that an efm line connection can easily provide connection speeds up to 35 MBPS, which is much more than that provided by standard SDSL, yet costs much less.


The advantages of an efm line becomes apparent for individuals living in small towns and villages and who want to run their online business from home. Can you imagine the cost of laying a 200 KM cable (assuming this is the nearest distance from the internet service provider and your home)? It would run into tens of thousands of Pounds. However, since the ethernet first mile line works through your existing landline connection, the ISP only has to link their connection to you through your telephone exchange. Try this technology today and see excellent speed it provides without burning a hole in your pocket.